Winning the Tour de France, capturing olympic gold and running the fastest marathon ever: Capital Sports was along the line at all these historic sporting moments. For over 30 years, as a sports marketing agency, we have supported clubs, teams, athletes and companies in achieving their successes. In the field of sports, but of course especially with marketing.

Capital Sports is the sports marketing label of allround marketing agency Capital Advertising. This broad experience ensures that we have all the knowledge and disciplines needed to develop campaigns. From idea and strategy to social content and billboards: with our team, we make every online and offline campaign a success.



Where our
running community

In the world of elite sports and extraordinary performance, NN Running Team has long been a shining example. Behind every triumph of the team's elite athletes is a story of dedication, perseverance and unprecedented passion. Bringing these stories to life and sharing them with the world is an art in itself. This is where the strength of our partnership with Global Sports Communication comes in.

In the run-up to the Berlin Marathon, the high-profile campaign 'Back2TheStreets' was launched in autumn 2023. In this campaign, NN Running Team athletes impressively return to the places where they performed great feats. They do so literally, but also figuratively. To the streets of their success belongs street art.

Visual Back2Berlin of Eliud Kipchoge for Back2TheStreets campaign

Technological innovation

Sports marketing just got a bit smarter

Sport has long ceased to be just about talent and hard work. It is about unravelling insights from performance data, analysing the competition and turning this information into a strategic advantage. This philosophy is just as relevant in the business world. At Capital Sports, we understand that the key to success lies in using data and technology to gain a deeper understanding of target audiences and turning this knowledge into effective strategies.

Technological innovation
We constantly strive to keep our clients at the forefront by using the latest technological developments and capitalising on trends. We embrace technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), which are revolutionising the world, especially in sports marketing.

Smiling PSV players at photo shoot for Anycoin Direct

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