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In the world of elite sports and extraordinary performance, NN Running Team has long been a shining example. Behind every triumph of the team's elite athletes is a story of dedication, perseverance and unprecedented passion. Bringing these stories to life and sharing them with the world is an art in itself. This is where the strength of our partnership with Global Sports Communication comes in.

In the run-up to the Berlin Marathon, the high-profile campaign 'Back2TheStreets' was launched in autumn 2023. In this campaign, NN Running Team athletes impressively return to the places where they performed great feats. They do so literally, but also figuratively. To the streets of their success belongs street art.

Back2TheStreets is more than just a trip to famous locations; it is a celebration of the streets where the athletes made history. It marks the connection between sport, art and community.

Visual Back2Berlin with Eliud Kipchoge for Back2TheStreets campaign
King's Week with Eliud Kipchoge, Kenenisa Bekele and Joshua Cheptegei

NN Running Team
King's Week

In the fall of 2019, 42 athletes will gather in Vienna. One of them is about to make history. Eliud Kipchoge wants to be the first human being to cover the classic marathon distance of 42.195 kilometres in less than 2 hours.

Marathon runners of NN Running Team at Mission Marathon

NN Running Team
Mission Marathon

In 2020, the world was turned upside down. Because of the coronavirus, almost no sporting events went ahead. Although running was possible for many athletes, a lap around the church was not enough to qualify for the Olympics.

NN Running Team MA RA TH ON

NN Running Team

What do you do when the whole world is forced to sit at home? When lockdowns ensure that no one can get out the door anymore? Do you sit still or do you get moving? NN Running Team chose the latter. It organised a marathon.

NN Running Team medaille for Six Stars

NN Running Team
Six Stars

That Eliud Kipchoge is a phenomenon is undeniable. The Kenyan marathon runner breaks record after record. But for Kipchoge, his legacy is not yet complete. His goal is to win all the Abbott World Marathon Majors.

Run in front like Eliud Kipchoge?

Get a head start with Capital Sports

Launch F2 team Invicta Racing

For watch brand Invicta, Capital Sports' crew was active at the Holkham Hall estate in England in recent months. The US watch company has a great affinity with racing and has therefore sponsored a Formula 2 racing team since 2023. From 2024, this racing team will also bear the name of its sponsor: Invicta Racing. To make this move known among racing and watch enthusiasts worldwide, Invicta enlisted its regular marketing agency Capital Sports from Den Bosch, with whom it has had a close partnership for almost 10 years.

For the campaign, the crew travelled not to a race track, but to an English country house, close to the coast, several hundred kilometres north of London. The manor house Holkham Hall was built in the early 17th century by Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester of Holkham.


RoboCup 2024

Robotics World Cup comes to Eindhoven again

The robotics world championships are back in Eindhoven. After the successful 2013 edition, TU/e has again been chosen to host the global event for autonomous robots. RoboCup 2024 will take place from 17 to 21 July at Genneper Parken in Eindhoven. The organisers have set themselves the goal of making full use of the venue's capacity, accommodating an impressive 50,000 visitors over five days. An ambitious goal, which Capital Sports says is certainly not unachievable. As in 2013, the sports marketing agency is involved as a partner of RoboCup, supporting the organisation in terms of promotion, communication and with boosting ticket sales.

CA 2024 CS Website RoboCup
PSV business box with captains armband for campaign Join the club

PSV Join the Club

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every week in the Netherlands too, some 1.2 million children and adults tie their shoes for a football match. And when an important football match is on TV? Then you can hear a pin drop on the street. Six million people watched the 2022 World Cup final - and the Netherlands was not even in the final.

We at Capital Sports are also avid supporters of this popular ball sport. As a sports marketing agency with its roots in Brabant, it is no surprise that Capital Sports has been associated with PSV for many years.



Different times

Capital Sports has been in the world of sports marketing for more than 30 years. As a result, we know the ins and outs of the world of sponsorship and bonding with fans. Over the years, the possibilities may have changed - think social media, data, and other IT innovations - but the principles of the human brain and the emotions associated with sports are still the same.

Celebrating players of the Dutch national team

Willem II & KNVB

Take a leap back in time. At the beginning of the millennium, the world looked different. We knew video, but the interactive DVDs Capital Sports developed for the KNVB, Willem II, JVC and Sony, among others, were unique.

Maxima gets flowers from robot at the RoboCup


The Netherlands world champion in football. How we would love to read those words in the news. Yet the European championship is still our country's greatest achievement. For both the men and women, that is. Our robots are doing a lot better.

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