Sport never revolves around one athlete. Behind the scenes, there is always a large team involved that contributes to the success, even in individual sports. In business, too, you achieve more together than alone. That is why Capital Sports is always looking for smart partnerships to help athletes, clubs, brands, and companies get better together. 

These partnerships come in all shapes and sizes. Athletes are often seen promoting a brand, and in the same way there are a lot of brands that commit to athletes and support them. Many brands also contribute to the success of sports clubs through sponsorship, which in turn strengthens their brand by raising awareness among fans of the club. By working together and leveraging each other's strengths, you maximise the chances of success.

Smooth collaboration 
With partnership management, Capital Sports offers guidance throughout. We come up with strategies to make the most of the partnership, create creative concepts that are in line with the strategy and ensure that the execution is right down to the last detail. We also keep track of the agreements made in the contract and ensure their implementation. By keeping an overview, we make every collaboration a success. For the athlete, the brand and the club.

Dylan van Baarle

Road to cycling

& Activation

In sport, there is only one goal: to win. In business, companies pursue that same goal. That means stating ambitions. Putting together a strong team. And then deciding on the tactics to win.

& Technology

The days that sports were just about talent and hard work are long gone. It's all about analysing your own performance now. Studying your opponents. And using this information in such a way to get the win


Coming up with a strong campaign is one thing. Making sure it reaches as many people as possible within the target audience is the next step. Capital Sports can lean on years of expertise as a communications agency.

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