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Born out of love for the sport, JustPadel is now an established name within the Dutch padel community. Founded in 2016, JustPadel had one clear goal in mind: to make padel accessible to all and grow the sport into a mature phenomenon. In the fast-growing world of padel, JustPadel took a pioneering role and with the merger between the KNLTB and the NPB, the popularity of the sport only seems to grow further.

World Class Black Friday Sale JustPadel
Contentshoot JustPadel premium padelrackets

What started as a padel school soon evolved into a versatile padel platform. In 2020, the webshop was launched, offering JustPadel a wide range of products for both novice and experienced padel players. From rackets and apparel to shoes and accessories, is there for the true enthusiasts.

World Class Black Friday Sale
In 2023, JustPadel approached Capital Sports for support with their Black Friday Sale. JustPadel wanted to showcase its premium padel rackets in an impactful way. So the question to Capital Sports was to develop a powerful message focusing on the premium quality of the rackets and to create attractive content in the process.

In line with the 'World Class Black Friday Sale' concept, a video and photo shoot was organised with some of the Netherlands' best padel players, all top-25. Among them 17-year-old Tygho Schoonus. With an impressive No 1 ranking under 18, Tygho is perhaps the biggest padel talent in the Netherlands. For both JustPadel and Capital Sports, he is also a familiar face. He is supported by both organisations with a sponsorship and is also an intern at the sports marketing agency.

World Class content
The results of the Black Friday Sale were impressive. The video and photo shoot not only provided appealing content for JustPadel's website, newsletters and social media channels, but also gave a face to the top-quality padel rackets. The campaign was supported by a sophisticated marketing strategy, focusing on the unique features of the rackets. This resulted in a significant increase in sales, but the impact of the campaign was not only noticeable in the sales figures, but also in the growing attention for JustPadel as the destination for high-quality padel rackets.

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