In sports, there is only one goal: to win. In the business world, companies pursue that same goal. And even if the result is not reflected on a stopwatch or scoreboard, the route you take towards the finish line remains the same. Stating ambitions. Putting together a strong team. And then deciding on the tactics to secure the win.

Capital Sports does everything it can to achieve that goal. That is why we appoint a project manager to every campaign. This person acts as a central point of contact and coach for the team. The project manager ensures that the design studio, copywriters and online marketers know and execute the tactics in detail. This way, we strengthen each other, to make your campaigns a success together.

Let the games begin
In sports, you play the game on a grand scale. Engage fans with your brand by letting them play along at their own level. How? With activations that make fans take action. Gamification is a strong tactic to achieve this. Our professionals come up with the challenge, you award the prize. The result? Engaged fans who appreciate your brand. And lots of new leads.

Part of the team

The part in

& Technology

The days when sports were just about talent and hard work have passed. Nowadays, it's all about analyzing your own performance. Studying your opponent. And using this information in a way to be victorious.

Partnership management

Sport never revolves around one athlete. Behind the scenes, there is always a large team involved that contributes to the success. In business, too, you achieve more together than alone. That is why we look for smart partnerships.


Sport is emotion. And emotion is a powerful weapon for marketers. By translating the emotions of sport into a proposition that suits your brand or company, Capital Sports knows how to appeal to your audience.

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