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OTTO Work Force supports PSV Women with cross-media campaign

Over 12,000 fans, a record number, attended the PSV Women's match against their rival Feyenoord at the Philips Stadium on Sunday 24 March 2024. The massive support from PSV fans undoubtedly had a positive impact on the game of the Eindhoven formation, which managed to turn a 0-1 deficit into a 1-1 draw. That so many fans bought tickets for the match can be credited to OTTO Work Force. With a large-scale campaign, they brought the Azerion Women's Eredivsie match to the attention of football-minded Eindhoven.

Billboard A2 Van der Valk OTTO Work Force PSV Women
OTTO Work Force PSV Women campaign on The Tower in Eindhoven

Supporter of ambition
OTTO Work Force is Europe's largest international employment agency and focuses on providing qualified staff to various sectors, particularly in distribution and logistics. With an impressive work force of more than 27,000 employees and a network of 50 offices across Europe, OTTO strives to find and retain the best employees. The core of its strategy, called 'The Happy Employee Journey', emphasises its commitment to employee well-being.

OTTO is all about realising ambitions and providing equal opportunities for all. The company focuses on the accessibility of aspirations, personal growth and providing the right resources to maximise everyone's potential. It carries this message not only through PSV Women, but also through its sponsorship of Heroes Den Bosch, VOC Handball and the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

We’ve got your back
OTTO Work Force has committed to PSV Women as a sponsor until the summer of 2026. To formulate its sponsorship proposition, it joined forces with Capital Sports. Soon OTTO Work Force was profiled as supporter of ambition. By offering the same care and support to PSV's talented women as it does to its own employees, OTTO makes it possible for the players to shine on and off the pitch.

To launch the sponsorship, PSV Women's annual match at the Philips Stadium provided the ideal opportunity. A cross-media approach was used to pull out all the stops to sell as many tickets for the match against Feyenoord as possible, giving PSV women the home advantage they deserve. Unambiguous was the message on billboards, bus shelters, flyers, posters and (social) ads: We've got your back. Capital Sports handled the campaign from start to finish, from strategy and concept to social advertising, design and media execution. Fans were urged en masse to show their support. Even a powerful projector was used to project a video on the stadium before PSV's men's match against FC Twente. The message could not have escaped anyone's notice.

With a record number of tickets sold, a large pre-match banner and impressive cheer, the players have felt enormously supported. Fans received a backpack from OTTO, an energy boost to give their team just that little extra support. As the silent force behind the success, OTTO looks back on a successful launch of the partnership. Above all, however, it is looking ahead. Ambitions enough.

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