Dream with me

A tribute to Appie Nouri

It is 8 July 2017 when footballer Abdelhak Nouri collapses during a practice match. The cause? A cardiac arrest. At that moment, his career as a professional footballer is just beginning to take shape. All at once, his future looks completely different. Appie, as his friends call him, suffers permanent brain damage and spends two years in a nursing home.

Ajacied Abdelhak Nouri maakt een gebaar van een hartje met zijn handen

Dream with me
Despite his limitations, he may return home in 2019, where he is slowly but surely improving. He won't be the same as before. But that doesn't mean his family is sitting back. They draw strength from the motto their son and brother always used: everyone can participate. On behalf of Appie, they will establish the Abdelhak Nouri Foundation on 8 July 2022, exactly five years after the accident.

With this foundation, they want to help people play sports and games together in a safe environment. A mission that Mikky Kiemeney, founder of clothing brand MIKKY KI, is passionate about. Back in 2020, she set up the Dream With Me collection as a tribute to the footballer and her good friend. The collection represents self-confidence, strength and perseverance. 

Saving lives
Even when the collection was released, Mikky's goal was to use the proceeds to support young people who are on the sidelines. At the official launch of the Nouri Foundation, MIKKY KI immediately made a major contribution to the installation of 34 AEDs in 34 Dutch cities. The number is a reference to Appie's back number during his time at Ajax. 

Capital Sports has been actively involved in MIKKY KI since the very beginning. Together with Mikky, we devised the brand's identity and positioning, and communicated this through various channels. From day one, the webshop generated a lot of traffic. The growing international customer base underlines the mission of the sporty clothing brand: staying close to yourself while daring to go for the impossible.

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