As an athlete or sports club, you build a fan base. Merchandise is a way for fans to show their support. This can be done with clothing, but also with innovative products that suit you as an athlete, your club, or your brand. Capital Sports comes up with unique and creative ways to make your target audience happy. We collaborate with the best suppliers, locally and internationally, to get an end product of the highest quality. 

The next step is to sell your merchandise. Capital Sports knows the ins and outs of this process. We think about the customer journey, show fans the way to your webshop via social media and ensure good online findability with SEO and display advertising. During and after the purchase, we use marketing automation to strengthen the bond with fans and keep them coming back for personalised offers.

Sustainable merchandise
Sustainability can no longer be ignored in the world. Do you also want to convey your sustainability principles to your fans? We help you establish a sustainable product strategy. We develop concepts that are environmentally friendly and choose fair producers to produce them. This way, merchandise and sustainability go hand in hand.

MIKKY KI. & Nouri Foundation

A tribute to Appie

Partnership management

Sport never revolves around one athlete. Behind the scenes, there is always a large team involved that contributes to the success. In business, too, you achieve more together than alone. That is why we look for smart partnerships.

& Activation

In sports, there is only one goal: to win. In the business world, companies pursue that same goal. They state their ambitions. Put together a strong team. And then set tactics to end up with the win.


Sport is emotion. And emotion is a powerful weapon for marketers. By translating the emotions of sport into a proposition that suits your brand or company, Capital Sports knows how to appeal to your audience.

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