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Despite its Dutch roots and success in Europe, Anycoin Direct does not yet occupy the nr. 1 position in the Netherlands when looking at the ranking of number of users. This is something they want to change with the sponsorship of PSV. Sports marketing has been a successful way to increase brand awareness for many years. Combine that with a global trend where crypto and sports meet, and you get a golden match.

Bus shelter PSV and Anycoin Direct
Players PSV celebrate 10-year anniversary Anycoin Direct at videoshoot

Building a fan club
As one of the biggest Dutch football clubs, PSV has a broad target audience. Anycoin Direct benefits from this by being visible during the matches. But visibility alone is not gonna cut it. To take sponsorship to the next level, Anycoin Direct works together with Capital Sports. As specialists in sports marketing, they are helping the crypto platform play out their partnership with PSV. This way, fans of the football club also become fans of Anycoin Direct.

Sponsor PSV substitution moment
The first steps were taken immediately after the partnership was established in 2021. That year, Anycoin Direct got a prominent place on the bus shelters in Eindhoven and around the stadium. With the slogan 'A Bit Smarter. A Bit Easier.' Capital Sports brings attention to the platform. This expression will appear in many more places in the coming years.

In addition to being an official crypto partner, Anycoin Direct has also been a sponsor of the PSV substitutions since the 2022-2023 season. For every substitution the club brings in, Anycoin Direct gets attention on the LED boarding in the stadium. Outside the stadium, Capital Sports is also helping to generate maximum attention for this sponsorship. Among other things, we do this with a fortnightly substitution quiz. On social media, we make the link between easily and quickly exchanging euros to crypto via Anycoin Direct. 

Crypto tips
The partnership's online visibility also plays a role outside the substitution moment. For instance, on their social platforms, Anycoin Direct shares match footage of PSV combined with a handy tip on how to be successful in crypto. For example, we combined images of a coaching Ruud van Nistelrooij with the tip to always keep an overview while trading.

PSV and Anycoin Direct also worked closely together during the 10-year anniversary celebrations. Players of the club congratulated the cryptobroker in a special video that was shown on social media and bus shelters throughout Eindhoven. In addition, Capital Sports also created a special message for the LED boarding. After all, ten years is an exceptionally long time in the very young crypto world.

About Anycoin Direct

The interest in crypto has grown tremendously in recent years. Anycoin Direct makes buying and selling crypto easy. This is because on this platform you can not only trade crypto, but also ask questions to experts. This makes Anycoin Direct the most customer-friendly crypto platform in Europe. To increase their brand awareness in the Netherlands, Anycoin Direct has partnered with PSV and Heroes Den Bosch in 2021.

Customer-friendliest player
Anycoin Direct was founded by three Dutch friends. In 2013, they set out to buy Bitcoin. Despite their background in IT, this proved easier said than done. Thus, the idea of creating their own

platform popped up. The three of them develop BITPLAATS, a cryptocurrency platform where service is key. Before they knew it, it had grown into a success. People appreciated the platform's clear explanations and fast help with questions.

To broaden the market, the founders decided to change the name of their platform to Anycoin Direct. This opened the borders to the rest of Europe. And not without results. In 2019, Anycoin Direct welcomes 400,000 users and a little later they grow into the biggest player on the market in Germany. They easily achieve the goal of becoming the most customer-friendly crypto platform. This is evident from the more than 14,000 excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

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