Sport is emotion. And emotion is a powerful weapon for marketers. By translating the emotions of sport into a proposition that suits your brand or company, Capital Sports knows how to appeal to your audience. We will tell your story in a way that fits with your brand, and resonates with your audience. 

Capital Sports has over 30 years of experience in creating the right content to get the message across. We do this in a style that suits the brand, the team, and the athlete. Because where in sports one-thousandth of a second can mean the difference between eternal fame and a painful defeat, in marketing too, the last pixel or comma counts. That's why we make sure every detail is right.

Everything under one roof
At Capital Sports, you will find all professionals under one roof. Strategists, creatives and (online) marketers work together with photographers, videographers and copywriters to grab the win for your brand. By strengthening each other, we not only get messages across, but make sure they stick. And preferably convey the pure emotion that is so strongly linked to sport.

Anycoin Direct & PSV

Football just got a bit smarter

Data & Technology

The days when sports were just about talent and hard work have passed. Nowadays, it's all about analyzing your own performance. Studying your opponent. And using this information in a way to be victorious.


As an athlete or sports club, you build a fan base. Merchandise is a way for fans to show their support. This can be done with clothing, but also with innovative products that suit you as an athlete, your club, or your brand.


Coming up with a strong campaign is one thing. Making sure it reaches as many people as possible within the target audience is the next step. Capital Sports can lean on years of expertise as a marketing agency.

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