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In the world of elite sports and extraordinary performance, NN Running Team has long been a shining example. Behind every triumph of the team's elite athletes is a story of dedication, perseverance and unprecedented passion. Bringing these stories to life and sharing them with the world is an art in itself. This is where the strength of our partnership with Global Sports Communication comes in.

In the run-up to the Berlin Marathon, the high-profile campaign 'Back2TheStreets' was launched in autumn 2023. In this campaign, NN Running Team athletes impressively return to the places where they performed great feats. They do so literally, but also figuratively. To the streets of their success belongs street art.

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Back2TheStreets is more than just a trip to famous locations; it is a celebration of the streets where the athletes made history. It marks the connection between sport, art and community, bringing the inspiration of running to the streets where people live, work and dream. 

Street artists of Kamp Seedorf paint imposing, colourful portraits along the marathon course, transforming bare walls into impressive works of art that tell the stories of the athletes. The first artwork will be created on the streets of Berlin and is a tribute to none other than Eliud Kipchoge. Until then, the legendary runner had already won the Berlin Marathon four times and also set two world records in the German capital.

Other key players in the campaign include Joshua Cheptegei, who set a world record in the 10 kilometres in Valencia in 2020, and Geoffrey Kamworor, who won the New York Marathon in 2017 and 2019. Cheptegei will return to the Spanish city to run his first marathon and Kamworor will once again go for success in the US metropolis. Each athlete has their own story and inspires in their own unique way.

The 'Back2TheStreets' campaign is not just about admiration at the course. Fans from all over the world can actively participate in this celebration of sport and art. Capital Sports has developed an innovative art tool that allows fans to create their own street art portrait inspired by NN Running Team athletes. Moreover, a webshop has been developed, where fans of the campaign can shop exclusive artworks created specifically for the occasion. It is a chance to take home a piece of the inspiring journey to the streets of success.

In short, NN Running Team's 'Back2TheStreets' campaign is not only a celebration of athletic achievement, but also of the power of the running community and art to inspire and connect people. It pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of the marathon and invites everyone to be part of this exciting chapter in the history of the sport. Welcome back to the streets of success!

About NN Running Team

Not so long ago, running was an individual sport. Until NN Running Team changed that in 2017. Former athlete Jos Hermens decided that long-distance and marathon runners are stronger as a team, and founded the world's first professional running team. In doing so, he started a revolution.

Soon, top athletes like Eliud Kipchoge, Kenenisa Bekele and Abdi Nageeye joined the team. With such names, of course, success was just a matter of time. In recent years, NN Running Team was able to win many marathons, Olympic 5,000, and 10,000 metres and set multiple world records. The top performances follow each other in rapid succession.

Capital Sports was involved in this successful project from the start. Together with Global Sports Communication, we ensure that not only runners are ahead in their races, but that the marketing also outshines the competition. Together, we bind and captivate fans around the world.

The goal of NN Running Team is to further professionalise the running sport. This increases its attractiveness to fans and sponsors. This professionalisation is also reflected in the communication. Through campaigns, websites, apps and activations, we are increasing the fan base to boost NN Running Team, the fans and the athletes.

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