Going the distance

Take your time to the TT track

Speedy, stylish, and sporty: that's the Invicta's S1 collection. Features that you also find in the racing world. Therefore, there could only be one location to photograph this collection: the historic TT Circuit in Assen.

The TT Circuit has a long and distinguished history. For almost 100 years, it has been the birthplace of the Dutch TT race. In addition, the TT in Assen is the longest-running event on the MotoGP calendar, and since the inception of the official world championship, it has been the only circuit in the world where a World Cup race has been held every year.

Retro and modern
During a multi-day photo and video shoot for the S1 collection, we wanted to highlight the life at the track. Including grid girl, lights at the start of the race and champagne moment on the podium. And of course this also included various racing cars from the past and present. A Seeker, Jaguar and the unique Invicta Formula 1 car made their appearance to feature in this fast-moving shoot. 

The result is impressive: the mix of retro and modern makes this campaign a feast for the eyes. Just like the watches from Invicta's S1 collection.

Campagnebeeld Invicta S1 Rally

About Invicta Watch

Invincible. That's what the Latin Invicta means. When we talk about Invicta, we are talking about the originally Swiss watch brand. Invicta originated almost two centuries ago, in 1837, in the small town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Since then, the watchmaker may call Miami its home. In the state of Florida, Invicta Watch Group houses the Invicta, TechnoMarine, S. Coifman and Glycine Switzerland brands.

Invicta is known for the vast amount of designs and product innovations the brand releases. In almost two centuries, more than 4,000 unique models were introduced by Invicta. More than 55 patents have also been granted in the field of design and mechanics. Not surprisingly, the watchmaker has been able to amass a strong following of collectors around the world. Although those fans also often come to appreciate something else Invicta excels at.

Indeed, these are the partnerships with big names that Invicta enters into. Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, US Army and US Navy: these are just a few of the brand's many successful partnerships. In sports, too, Invicta is a well-known and much-loved name. Thanks to partnerships with athletes such as Shaquille O'Neal, Jason Taylor, and Juan Manuel Correa, Invicta shines on the wrists of the world's best athletes. 

It's not only athletes who appreciate Invicta, but also entire teams and even leagues that enjoy working with the watch brand. Invicta sponsors the US NFL, MLB, and NHL and is Official Timekeeper of the American football team Las Vegas Raiders. Since 2023, they've also been title sponsor of Formula 2 team Invicta Racing. These are all partnerships that underline Invicta's motto: invincible.

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