Strategic partnership Heroes Den Bosch and Capital Sports

Sports marketing agency and club are committed to growing their fan base and boosting ticket sales

Capital Sports has become the official partner of the successful basketball club, Heroes Den Bosch. The sports marketing division of the full-service marketing agency, Capital Advertising, shares a multitude of ambitions with Heroes Den Bosch. Both are committed to achieving the best, deeply rooted in 's-Hertogenbosch, value speed and dynamism, and strive for excellence. Marc Kiemeney, Director of Capital Sports, expressed, "With on- and offline campaigns, we have exceeded the targets of teams like NN Running Team, Jumbo-Visma, FBK Games, and PSV. Working with Heroes Den Bosch to take the next step is a significant development for both the club and our agency.”

General Manager Stefan Wessels stated, "With Capital Sports, we are bringing the right partner on board to take the next step in the realm of marketing and ticketing. Over the past few years, the club has built a strong foundation in terms of sports, commercial endeavors, and organization. This holds true for marketing and data as well. Now, it's time to reap the benefits, and we're doing that with a partner who possesses all the expertise and experience that Heroes currently needs. For instance, to expand the fan base and fill more seats in the Maaspoort. I often say that Heroes is the best-kept secret of Den Bosch, and Capital Sports is going to unveil that secret. I am confident of that."

Sponsor Manager Dirren Tibosch of Capital Sports stated, "Capital Advertising has been active as a marketing agency for over thirty years and has the experience and expertise to make every campaign, both online and offline, successful. Earlier this year, the agency consolidated its sports marketing activities under the umbrella of Capital Sports. Both companies recognize that data and technology are the key to commercial success. By leveraging innovative tools, the company can continuously refine digital marketing strategies, predict behavior, and personalize messages in real-time. Technology is certainly not the end goal but rather a means to score. In this regard, we also see a parallel with Heroes Den Bosch."

Heroes Den Bosch has high expectations for the partnership with Capital Sports. "Capital Sports has demonstrated its excellence in many areas of the top sports segment. They have built brands and grown fan bases with creativity and innovative techniques. Data from season ticket holders, fans, sponsors, website visitors, and social engagers form the foundation for them to achieve greater engagement and a boost in ticket sales. We have been working on this as a club for some time now and can now fine-tune our approach. Capital Sports is certainly up to the task."

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