Effective activation of sponsoring

Sponsorship is a powerful tool to increase visibility and build brand equity. However, the potential of sponsorships is often underused when effective activation does not take place. Sponsorship activation goes far beyond simply placing a logo on a shirt or billboard. It is a strategic approach that aims to increase engagement, strengthen brand loyalty and create valuable brand experiences that have a long-term impact on both the brand and the target audience.

Essence of activation
Activation of sponsorship comprises a series of strategic marketing efforts aimed at maximising the value and impact of sponsorships. Strengthening the connection between the brand and the sponsored element creates synergistic relationships that go deeper than superficial associations. With carefully developed activation strategies, marketing managers can increase audience engagement and build lasting brand relationships that go beyond the sponsorship event per se.

Deep brand relationships
Sponsorship success goes beyond brand visibility on a sports stage. Sponsorship activation aims to give fans and consumers a deeper understanding and emotional connection with the brand. By creating relevant and engaging experiences, activation enables brands to provide a unique brand experience. These experiences help build brand preference and brand loyalty. The result? Turning the initial investment in sponsorship into measurable and valuable results.

Steps to effective activation
Effective activation requires a strategic approach. Here are the essential steps to guide you through the process of designing and executing an activation strategy that transforms your sponsorship event, team or athlete into a valuable brand experience for your target audience.

  1. Setting objectives: Setting clear objectives is important for successful activation. Whether increasing brand awareness, boosting fan engagement or generating leads, clear goals will steer your activation strategy in the right direction.
  2. In-depth audience research: An in-depth analysis of your target audience is crucial before developing activation activities. This understanding of their interests, behaviours and needs forms the basis for designing activation activities that are resonant and relevant.
  3. Develop creative experiences: At the heart of activation are the experiences you create for your target audience. Think interactive fan zones, exclusive meet-and-greets with athletes, personalised content or unique digital activations. These experiences strengthen the connection between your brand and target audience and create lasting memories.
  4. Taking a multichannel approach: Effective activation involves using different channels and platforms to spread your message. Social media, events and traditional media can work together to increase impact and reach a wider audience.
  5. Continually evaluate and optimise: Activation is an ongoing process. By monitoring results and evaluating how far they align with your objectives, you can adjust your strategy based on insights and feedback from the target audience and ensure continuous improvement.

Inspiring examples
The world of sports marketing has countless examples of brands that have successfully activated sponsorships. An iconic example is the partnership between Nike and basketball player Michael Jordan, resulting in the legendary Air Jordan brand. Another inspiring example is Red Bull's partnership with extreme sports, which led to bold and exciting activations during global events such as the X Games. These examples show the power of creative activation and how it uniquely brings brand and target audience together.

Emotional connection
One of the most powerful aspects of activation is its ability to create an emotional connection between brand and target audience. Activation activities can create a sense of connection and shared values between the brand and the consumer. For example, consider a sports event where the brand is not only present, but also gives emotional meaning to the moment. This can result in deeper brand loyalty, where consumers choose not only the product or service, but also the feelings and values the brand represents.

Sponsorship activation is not an optional extra, but a strategic necessity within modern sports marketing. It is about creating valuable brand experiences that resonate with your target audience. By combining objectives, audience insights, creativity, a multichannel approach and evaluation, you can build sustainable brand value and have a lasting impact on your brand and fans.

Successful activation with Capital Sports
At Capital Sports, we have extensive experience when it comes to devising and developing activation strategies for sponsorships. Our track record includes successful collaborations with leading brands such as Team Visma | Lease a Bike and NN Running Team. With expertise in all facets of sports marketing, we have the skills and knowledge to guide you in creating impactful activation campaigns. Contact us or drop by to discuss your tactics with us at Visma | Lease a Bike Service Course.

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